Best Yoga Poses For Runners

Most people don't realize how beneficial yoga can be for runners. They think yoga is all about relaxation, meditation and stress relief.

Although that is a big part of practicing yoga, there is so much more. Yoga poses for runners increase strength, flexibility and endurance.

A strong body is able to withstand injuries and allows you to enjoy running, without pain.

Running throws your body off balance because you are using the same muscles over and over. Yoga helps to put this balance back by incorporating opposing movements.

When the muscles in your back become tight, the front of your body tries to compensate, which results in more tightening and more stress on your overworked muscles.

Best yoga products for runners

Working out with yoga poses strengthens all your muscles, especially the ones that aren't being worked as hard when you run.

Another benefit of yoga is that you really learn how your body works. The intense poses force you to concentrate on the part of the body being worked, and experience every feeling the pose creates.

You also learn how to breathe properly. When you run, short shallow breathes will quickly leave you winded. You have to breathe from deep down inside.

There are a variety of yoga poses runners can use as part of their pre-run warmup and as a cool down and muscle stretch after the run.

If joining a yoga class isn't an option, check out these great Amazon products to help you practice yoga at home.

Great Yoga Products For Runners

Runner's Guide to Yoga
Filled with colorful photographs and detailed instructions, this book will help you be the best runner you can be. There are over 100 yoga poses modeled by real runners that actually use this book as part of their workout. It includes focused routines for warm ups and cool downs.

Yoga for Runners – Intermediate Program
This energetic program leads you through a sequence of exercises designed specifically for runners. This program was created for people at the intermediate level, however Christine Felstead also offers a version for beginners. As an avid runner, Felstead knows what runners put their bodies through and the best yoga poses for runners.

Super Thick Yoga Mat
This heavy duty yoga mat is made of highly absorbent microfiber. The non-slip surface lets you concentrate on your workout, without worrying about sliding all over the floor. The 25” x 72” size is perfect for a variety of workouts, and the extra thickness means your mat will last for many years.

prAna Kira Top
Look great during your workout with this super cool Kira top. It's made of 90% micro polyester and 10% spandex for extra support. It comes with an internal shelf bra to keep everything in place, no matter how vigorous your routine becomes. Amazon offers a great selection of prAna yoga gear and accessories to make you look great from top to bottom. 

Spinervals Sports Conditioning
Need a little inspiration to help you get through your workout? This DVD is the perfect workout companion. You can work at your pace by pausing the DVD anytime you like. Seeing the instructor go through the yoga poses and explaining each step is often easier than just reading the instructions in a book. You get three dynamic routines designed specifically for runners.

These products will help you master the best yoga poses for runners, right in the comfort of your home.

You won't have to worry about keeping up the rest of the class or feel discouraged because you can't hold the pose as long everyone else. Work at your own pace and have fun.

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