Safety Tips For Running For Beginners

These safety tips for running will keep you out of trouble, and your body free from injury

Running is a great way to stay healthy and physically fit, just always remember safety comes first.

Assailants don't always hide under the cover of darkness. Attacks can happen at any time of the day. You have to be prepared for anything.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe from attack when you run. Below are some other running safety tips to protect you from illness and injury.

Safety Tips for Running: Never Run Alone

Assailants generally target lone runners. They will rarely attack when there is another person with you.

Two people are more difficult to control, plus you have the added power of a second set of arms and legs in case you are attacked.

If you can't find a running buddy, take a dog with you on your runs. Not too many potential attackers want to tangle with a dog. Dogs can also sense danger before you can.

Make sure the dog is big enough to protect you, although a yappy little dog will attract so much attention, the assailant could very well change his mind about attacking you.

Be aware of your surroundings during runs. Try to run with a buddy, and avoid dark and deserted places

Never Run With Earphones

Runners seem to zone out and enter their own little world. This already puts you at risk of not hearing potential danger or paying attention to your surroundings.

Plugging your ears with earphones will put you farther into this zone. You will pay more attention to the music than what is going on around you.

If you really need music when you run, use just one earpiece and switch ears once in a while.

Safety Tips for Running: Alter Your Routine

When you become too predictable, you become an easy target for a stalker. Running the exact same route, at the exact same time everyday gives a stalker time to plan the best spot for an attack.

Changing the time you run might not be possible, but it is possible to mix up your route. Running the same route everyday also puts you into too much of a comfort zone.

You may not be as alert because you know every step so well. Running on unfamiliar terrain will keep you focused on your surroundings.

Run Facing Traffic

You have heard this since you were old enough to leave the house alone. It is just as true now as it was back then.

People in cars don't always pay as much attention as they should. It's also harder for someone in a car to abduct you when you see them coming.

Safety Tips for Running: Defend Yourself

Carry pepper spray and take self defense classes. Know what to do in case you are attacked.

Physical exertion takes blood away from your brain. During an attack, you might not have time to think, or even be able to think clearly.

Self-defense classes will help you move on instinct, not matter where your brain may be at the time.

Physical Safety Tips For Runners

Apart from the risk of being attacked, you must also be aware of potential injury or harm from over-exertion or lack of fluids.

Listen to your body. Ensure you keep hydrated when running, especially if you're in a hot climate

Keep Hydrated

Thirst is not an adequate indicator of dehydration.

Drink before your run and about every 20 to 30 minutes during your route.

Avoid Heat, Direct Sunlight and Humidity

When the temperature is over 98.6 ーF (36.9 ーC) and the humidity is more than 75 percent, don't run outdoors. Find a cool indoor space for your daily run.

Excessive heat and humidity can interfere with your natural sweating process, which means you will overheat on the inside.

The same thing can happen if you spend too much time running in direct sunlight. Find as many shady spots along your route as you can. The sun can also cause heatstroke.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Always remember to warm up before your run, and give your body a few minutes to relax after you are finished.

This will prevent injuries and help your mind prepare for the day.

Always be aware of potential dangers. Keep your eyes and ears peeled at all times, and have a safe, enjoyable run.

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