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Running is the easiest and cheapest way to stay healthy. You don't need a bunch of expensive equipment or a gym membership. All you need is a pair of legs and a little motivation.

Having a few running mates helps a lot. When you promise to meet someone for a morning run, you are more likely to keep that promise than if you just promise yourself.

Here are few tips to make running easier and more fun. We'll add plenty of detailed articles to expand on these ideas for you.

Tips for Safer Winter Running
Long-Distance Running Advice

Tips for Safer
Winter Running

Long-Distance Running Advice

Cross-Country Running Tips
Walking vs Running?

Cross-Country Running Tips

Walking vs Running?

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Great Advice For Runners

  • Warm up and come down
    Stretching cold muscles can do more harm than good. Warm up your muscles with a little light jogging or skipping. You can stretch out your muscles after your run. Adding a yoga routine before your run is also a great way to warm up. Doing yoga after your run will help your muscles relax and prepare your mind for the day ahead. Jumping right into your daily routine after a run is never a good idea. You need time to relax first.
  • Count the minutes
    Many runners measure their runs in miles. Measure in minutes instead. How much ground you cover isn't as important as how long you run. If you are new to running, start with shorter runs and then gradually increase the time as you become more physically fit. But, don't become a slave to your watch. If you are having a great run and really enjoying yourself, don't stop just because the clock says you’re done. On the other hand, if you are feeling overly tired, don't keep going because the clock says you haven't put in as much time as you had planned.
  • Wear appropriate footwear
    Your feet absorb the impact of each step, so your shoes have to be comfortable and designed for running. Experts suggest running shoes that are slightly longer and wider than your feet because these will reduce the risk of foot pain and blisters.
  • Relax your muscles
    Don't bunch up your shoulders or clench your teeth or fists. Try to stay as relaxed as possible, and shake out your hands and arms once in a while.
Tips for Running a 5K
More Tips for Long-Distance Running

Tips for
Running a 5K

More Tips for Long-Distance Running

  • Have a flexible schedule
    Morning runs are the best for losing weight, but to maintain a healthy body, anytime of day is better than not running at all. Try running at noon. This has double benefits because it breaks up the workday and reduces the urge to have a large lunch. If you only have time for a short run, don't worry. Every little bit helps.
  • Stay hydrated
    Hydration is very important. You may think you don't as much water in cold weather, because you aren't sweating as much, but you do. Water helps to keep your joints, ligaments and tendons lubricated, and it improves the efficiency of blood flow to major organs.
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  • Fuel your body
    Food is as important as hydration. Eat when you feel hungry, but eat wisely. Protein snacks or drinks are a great way to satisfy your hunger without filling your body with toxins or empty calories.
  • Set a goal
    Weight loss is not always a great motivator. It is too easy to skip a few days of running when your only goal is to lose weight. But, training for a marathon, a race or some other event will keep you going.
  • Set a pace
    You don't have to be the fastest runner on the block. Running longer is more important than running faster. One of our top running tips is the "talk test," a simple way to telling if you are running at a good pace for you. This means that if you can talk with your running mates while you run, without gasping for air, you are at a good speed.
  • Build up
    Think of running on a flat surface as the foundation of your fitness goals. As your health and endurance improves, add hills or steps to your route. Keep making your route more and more challenging. This not only benefits your body greatly because you are working more muscles, but it also reduces the chance of getting bored with your routine.
  • Have fun
    You are not likely to stick with your routine if it feels like work. Running is supposed to be fun. If you can, run through parks or other areas that make you feel good. Running up and down the stairs in your apartment building will give you a great workout, but it's not much fun.

Keep these running tips in mind, and before long you will wonder how you lived without running in your life!

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