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How do running shoes flat feet work?

People are naturally born with flat feet. The arch develops when the muscles in the feet are used.

You may have noticed that when some children begin to walk, they tend to walk on tippy-toes. This strengthens the feet muscles and helps to develop an arch.

Some children don't do this, and end up with flat feet for the rest of their lives.

People with flat feet, or low arches don't have distinct curves along the insides of their feet. A simple way to test the amount of curve you have is with the "wet foot test."

Just place a wet foot naturally on the ground, and check how much of a curve you see.

If you don't see a curve, you have flat feet, and need special running shoes to absorb the shock that would otherwise be absorbed by your arches.

Without extra support, every time your feet hit the ground you increase the risk of injuring your feet, ankles and knees. Running puts about three times more weight on your feet than when you stand still.

And because only one foot is on the ground at a time, all of this extra weight and extra impact is put on just one foot, leg and ankle.

You need special running shoes flat feet to help you run in comfort.

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Nike Zoom Structure for men runners with flat feet
Brooks Ravenna 4 for women runners with flat feet

Nike Zoom Structure

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 for women runners with flat feet

Brooks Ravenna 4

Asics Gel GT-2000 for men runners with flat feet

Mizuno Wave Inspire

Asics Gel GT-2000

Shoes Designed for Flat-Footed Runners

In the past, shoe manufacturers didn't give much thought to flat feet. People with this condition were simply excluded from (or chose not to participate in) certain activities.

This has changed over the last few decades. Major footwear producers began looking into the problem, and started developing specific designs to help runners with flat feet run comfortably and safely.

The main factors involved in achieving this are support, stability and motion control.

Of course, all runners need this in a good shoe, but it becomes more important for runners with flat feet.

Look for shoes that specifically state "added support." This is an industry standard term used to describe running shoes specially designed for low arches.

All brands have their own line of Stability Running Shoes flat feet. Special Motion Control shoes are enhanced versions of stability shoes.

Stability shoes are injected with dual density foam at the mid-sole of the shoe, which can be easily recognized by the darker color of the foam.

In regular running shoes, the insole is usually the same color from top to bottom. The best stability running shoes for flat feet include:

Brooks Ravenna 4 for men runners with flat feet

The extra foam in the mid-sole of motion control running shoes is much stiffer than that in a stability shoe.

If this hard material hurts your feet when you try on the shoes, it will be unbearable during a run.

The best motion control shoes include:

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 for men runners with flat feet

Training Tips for Runners With Flat Feet

It's not too late to strengthen the muscles in your feet, and maybe develop a bit of an arch. At the very least, it will make running easier and improve the natural shock absorption capabilities of your feet.

Try these tricks to strengthen the muscles in your feet.

  • Run barefoot. Add a few stretches of barefoot running to your routine. But, be careful where you run. You never know what might be hiding in the grass or in the sand on the beach.
  • When running barefoot isn't an option, try a lightweight shoe such as the Nike Free Run. It makes your feet feel bare, yet provides the added protection of a sole.
  • Practice picking up a small ball with your toes. This is a simple exercise you can do just about anywhere, and will give you incredible results.

Don't let flat feet keep you from running. With today's technology, you can run just as well as anyone else.

All you need is a great pair of running shoes flat feet to help you on your way.

Asics Gel GT-2000 for women runners with flat feet

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