I Started Running For Fun...

Why running for fun could suit YOU too!

My name is Bonita and I am a runner. Not a jogger. Jogging implies something leisurely to me. And for me, my running is not leisurely.

Don't get me wrong – it's definitely enjoyable – I love to run. But it's work – some days it's hard work.

Depending on how rested I am. Depending on how well I’ve eaten recently. Depending on whether I have any old injuries that I have not taken care of. But one thing is sure. No matter how tough a run may be, I always feel better for having gone on that run. ALWAYS!

Bonita Amos, editor of Run to Be Healthy

How I Got Started in Recreational Running

My journey to running for fun started in early 1997, when I was asked by a group of co-workers to join them on a company team and run in a local race.

After having regularly exercised for a number of years I readily and eagerly agreed. I was in pretty good shape. How hard could it be to run a mere 8km (or 5 miles, for the metrically-challenged)?

My first run? – about 3km. Took me the better part of 30 minutes, if I recall correctly. And I was surprised at how hard it really was and how much energy it took. But I loved it, every stinking last minute of it. I was hooked. And I have been running regularly ever since. (You can see my tips for running a 5K here.)

Four to six days a week, for an hour at a time. Through all four seasons – even some of the really ugly winter weather we can get here in Alberta.

Minus 35 – when my water bottle leaks and freezes all down my a... butt. Training for a marathon where I end up with snow freezing inside the top of my shoes which result in blackened toenails that eventually fall off. Rain and sleet that sting my face.

And the heat in the summer – running in +25 Deg C temperatures when my shoes leave imprints in the tar on the roads and I feel like I am going to melt into a puddle myself.

Oh, and let's not forget the injuries. The dog bites. The broken hand. The broken and sprained ankle. The skinned knee. Knees, actually. I have scars on my scars.

Running For Fun: What I Have to Show For It!

Four marathons. One half-marathon. Countless 10k and 8k races. But I consider myself to be a winner every time.

Not because I actually win or place – like that will ever happen. My time in my first marathon qualified me for the Boston marathon. As a 70-year-old. Unfortunately I was only 40 at the time.

My intent in every race is to finish. Ideally in the top half - of the race and in my age group. That makes me a winner. That, and the joy of the running itself.

I love my running. The benefits far outweigh all those challenges. It’s a great workout. It allows me to maintain my weight.

It gives me spiritual time to reflect, in nature, no less. It builds my confidence and promotes friendships and camaraderie with other runners. And all those benefits allow me to run to be healthy.

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