Visi Probita: the Perfect High Protein Snacks for Runners

All runners know they need high protein snacks, but unless you get the right kind of protein, your body is not going to process the protein efficiently.

Inefficient protein absorption will deny your tired muscles of the protein they need to recover from your runs.

The most efficient protein source is collagen, which is produced naturally by the human body, and is therefore absorbed perfectly when taken as a supplement.

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More About Collagen Protein

I've not heard about collagen protein. Why is it so special?
Collagen is the form of protein created by our bodies. This makes it super-easy for us to absorb the hydrolyzed collagen protein in Probita chews.

What about other sources of protein? My friend takes something else...
Typical protein supplement products include whey or soy protein. Neither of these is great for your body. People with food allergies or intolerances cannot even take them without risk of suffering a reaction.

The soya by-products often added to supplements is highly processed, and may be harmful to human health.

See our article on the best protein for runners for more information.

What benefits will I get from taking Probita?
There are numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved skin rejuvenation
  • Boost to repair and building of muscle via growth hormones
  • Stimulation of night-time fat burning
  • Strengthening of joints and bones

I've never heard of Probita high protein snacks. What are the other ingredients? Are the chews safe to take?
Apart from hydrolyzed collagen, Probita contains the following natural ingredients:

  • Beetroot Juice
    Naturally sweet, beetroot supplies the body with natural nitrates, encouraging good circulation and improved oxygen supply all over your body.
  • Arctic Cloudberry
    A vital source of essential vitamins for the northern Europeans since time immemorial, arctic cloudberry not only supplies vitamins A, B, C, and E, calcium and magnesium, they are also delicious!
  • Lingonberry
    High in anti-oxidants and packed with vitamin E, lingonberry is one of Nature's super-foods.
  • Stevia
    A natural, plant-sourced sweetener, stevia is neutral to blood sugar, and avoids the negative effects of chemical sweeteners.

A full breakdown of the ingredients and nutritional information appears below.

I'm a professional athlete. Are there any ingredients which would prevent me from competing fairly?
Probita is certified clean for athletes.

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My name is Bonita Amos. I'm a keen recreational runner, and love Visi Probita. It's way more convenient than other protein products

How I use my Visi Probita High Protein Snacks

I consume three chews per day – one with breakfast, one in mid-afternoon, and one before bed.

The chews help to stave off the symptoms of protein deficiency:

  • Craving for carbs – specifically simple carbs – sugars and starches
  • Muscle and/or joint pain
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Low energy and moodiness

I had no idea that these were symptoms that I was lacking in protein. But I have seen noticeable improvements in all of these areas since I started on Probita.

My skin is softer, my stretch marks are going away. Old injuries no longer bother me.

One of the things I like about a protein chew instead of a shake is they are easy to take – no mixing up required – and the chews are portable.

Probita's protein source is collagen protein, which I love because collagen is really the glue that holds us together.

As we get older we tend to expand, and collagen helps to repair our connective tissues. The natural protein in the body is collagen protein, so we can process Visi Probita high protein snacks perfectly.

I have tried numerous shakes and protein bars, but these have many drawbacks:

  • They are often high in carbs and sugar
  • They are not necessarily clean products for athletes
  • I try to avoid soy, because it is not readily usable by the body
  • Whey protein is also not readily usable
Visi Probita protein chews are a great source of collagen protein, which our body needs to repair itself. Click to order

Your body will thank you for trying Visi Probita. There's a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

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Visi Probita nutritional infomation

Other Ingredients in Visi Probita high protein snacks:

Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, Maltitol Syrup, Palm Oil, Citric Acid, Mono and Diglycerides, Natural Flavor, Sunflower Lecithin, Salt, Cloudberry, Lingonberry, Stevia, Beetroot Juice.

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