You Must Practice Correct Breathing While Running

Runners need to understand how important it is to breathe properly while running.

Running is not just about your heart and muscles. Your respiratory system also plays a vital role in how well you run.

When you apply proper breathing techniques, you will see a significant improvement in endurance and performance.

It's normal to be out of breath while running, so don't be alarmed if your respiration takes time to come back to normal levels

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The Respiratory System

Your respiratory system delivers oxygen to the rest of your body. Healthy blood and oxygen feeds your organs and muscles to keep them functioning efficiently.

When you engage in physically demanding activities, your body works harder to keep you going. This requires extra oxygen.

Your respiratory system responds by trying to deliver more oxygen.

When you can't get the extra oxygen you need, you have trouble breathing and quickly become winded while running.

By exercising your lungs and learning how to breathe properly, you won't get winded as easily and you will recover much quicker afterwards.

Training Your Lungs

It's quite simple – stronger lungs mean more oxygen can be pulled in and delivered to your muscles, which equals higher endurance and better performance.

Running sprints on a treadmill can improve the strength of your lungs for longer runs

You train the rest of your body. With weight training, swimming and cycling, you do everything you can to be as strong as possible.

But you have to train your lungs, as well. Yoga and Pilates are great ways to train your lungs. These exercises focus on deep breathing techniques and teach you how to breathe when you run.

When your breathe, most of the work is done by your diaphragm. Strengthening your diaphragm helps increase your endurance, so you will be less fatigued.

Most runners are too focused on their stride and posture to think about how they are breathing. Of course, it is important to think about those things when you run in order to prevent an injury, but you have to think about your breathing, as well.

Studies show that most runners breathe with their chest, when they should focus on breathing from deep down in their bellies. This allows more oxygen to reach the extremities of your body.

Your toes and feet sometimes have trouble getting as much oxygen as they need. They do most of the work when you run, so they need as much healthy blood and oxygen as they can get.

The best way to get as much oxygen as possible is by breathing in through the mouth. Your mouth is larger than the nostrils in your nose, and is therefore able to take in more air.

Your mouth helps you take in about ten times more air than you can when you breathe in with your nose.

Breathing While Running = Stronger Muscles

When you breathe properly, your muscles get more oxygen which helps them to get stronger and healthier.

So you don't just have more energy when you run, but also when you work out. Your heart and all your other organs get stronger, too.

Breaking the habit of breathing with your chest can be tough. But the sooner you learn the right way of proper breathing while running, the sooner you will be able to run farther and faster.

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