Choosing the Best Running Shoes For Recreational Running

The best running shoes are the ones you find comfortable. Above all else, your shoes have to make your feet feel great.

The factors that make shoes comfortable are:

  • fit
  • breathability
  • stability
  • cushioning
  • weight
  • flexibility

These factors determine how your feet will feel after your run, and may keep you running longer. Nothing kills motivation faster than sore feet.

Getting out of bed in the morning for a run takes plenty of motivation.

When your feet are sore and covered with blisters from the day before, all the desire in the world to get in shape or train for the big race won't get you out the door.

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The Right Fit

How your shoes fit is very important. Many trainers will tell you to get shoes that leave some wiggle room for extra comfort – a little space for the toes and a little wide on the sides.

However, most professional athletes prefer their shoes to fit snug. This may be due to the fact that shoes stretch from wear.

Running wears shoes out quite quickly, so a snug pair of new shoes might last longer than a roomier version, but not necessarily.

Before investing too much money in a new pair of running shoes, carefully assess the right fit for your needs. 

The special shape of your feet will also affect how well your shoes fit. For example, if you have flat feet or high arches, you will need running shoes specifically designed to address these issues.

Cushioning Your Soles

Pounding the pavement is a high-impact sport. You may be tempted to get running shoes that will absorb as much of this impact as possible.

This is true for avid runners that cover several miles a day, but recreational runners don't necessarily need as much cushioning.

Generally, the more cushioning, the more expensive, so it all depends on how much you run and how much you want to spend.

The quality of your shoes can affect your motivation, as well as your health. If you run a lot, you will want high quality shoes and replace them frequently.

Feeling completely beat after a run could be an indication that you don't have enough cushioning, or the cushioning has worn down too much to provide adequate support.

Learn how to choose the perfect running shoes for you

Stability and Flexibility

How stable and flexible you need your shoes to be depends greatly on the strength of your ankles.

You want the best running shoes that are least likely to cause injury. Shoes that keep you well-balanced and allow you to move freely.

Breathability and Weight

The importance of these factors is a matter of taste and preference. However, shoes that suffocate your feet or are too heavy can have a negative impact on your health.

There is one school of thought that promotes extra weight – usually in the form of leg weights to increase the strength of your legs.

But this can also put extra strain on your joints. Your body will tell you if your shoes are too heavy.

For long-distance running, the less weight you carry, the farther and faster you will be able to go. If losing pounds is your goal, the more weight you carry, the quicker you will see results.

Extra weight on your feet also helps to sculpt your body into a rock solid figure. 

As for breathability, well-ventilated shoes will reduce odor and the risk of athlete's foot.

Who Makes the Best Running Shoes?

Nike, Reebok and Asics continue to top the list.

They make different styles with different types of feet in mind, to ensure a perfect fit for every type of athlete.

There are running shoes for everybody, even people with physical problems

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