Why Visi Nufinna Are the Best Protein Shakes for Runners

Nufinna are the best protein shakes for runners, bar none. I should know. I spent years trying everything else, and finally my search for the perfect protein shake is over.

It's Nufinna for me every time.

What is Nufinna?

Nufinna is a collagen-based protein shake. Collagen occurs naturally in the body, and is therefore the healthiest, most easily absorbed, and most effective protein shake you can ingest.

The efficient way your body processes the collagen protein makes Nufinna work better than competing shake products.

Use Visi Nufinna on its own, or mix in a few berries for taste. It's a great protein shake for runners.

Why Collagen? What's Wrong With Other Protein Types?

Typical protein shakes are based on soy or whey protein. Neither of these is a natural source of protein for the human body. They are therefore less well absorbed by the human digestive system.

But the problems with whey and soy protein shakes go deeper. With the proliferation of worrying, and often dangerous, dietary allergies in modern society, more people are becoming sensitive to dairy and soy.

Soy has also been linked with various long-term health problems. See (link).

More About Nufinna

Here are some reasons why Nufinna are the best protein shakes:

  • An all-in-one lifestyle shake. Nufinna includes 12 fruits and vegetables, including known "super-foods", vitamins and minerals
  • The perfect blend of nutrients. This means that you may be able to stop taking some of your dietary supplements, which means Nufinna will pay for itself
  • Just 90 calories per shake. So if you're looking for a balanced way to reduce your weight, or even a great alternative to traditional meal replacement shakes, then Nufinna is for you
  • High absorption rate. Typically you'll absorb over 90 percent of the hydrolyzed collagen protein in Nufinna. Compare that with only 53 percent of whey protein and 26 percent of soy protein
  • Great for runners. If you're in training, then you'll know how tricky it can be to take care of all your body's needs, and still stay on track. One Nufinna shake will ensure that you have given your body the best chance of recovery, improving strength, lean muscle mass, and stamina

How I Use Nufinna, and Why They Are the Best Protein Shakes for Runners

I take my Nufinna shake first thing every day on an empty stomach.

I usually add my multi-vitamin supplement packet (crystals) to my morning smoothie – as well as a couple of tablespoons of organic sprouted chia seed powder – for additional fibre. A shake is a great medium to add this nutrient to my diet.

Editor of Run to Be Healthy, Bonita Amos, makes her daily Nufinna collagen protein shake

I give my body at least an hour to digest the shake, which allows the amino acids to produce dopamine – benefits below. This gives me a natural high, and energy to get on with my day.

I go for a run about an hour after the smoothie, which gives me the energy that I need without being too heavy.

For longer runs I take Visi's Probita chews with me, as they are portable and provide the protein that I need on the run
I have no joint issues at all.

I run 5-6 times a week some weeks – it's thanks to my collagen protein that I am without joint pain.

I am currently talking to other athletes to find out how to best incorporate my Visi protein products into a training schedule for running a marathon this fall. The last marathon that I ran was back in 2007.

I suffered a severe ankle injury (a break and severe sprain) in early 2008, and this is the first year that my ankle has felt healed enough that I would even attempt the training again, never mind the actual event – and that is thanks to my Visi protein products.

Protein first thing in the morning helps to stabilize insulin and cortisol levels, which puts me in a good mood, helps keep my appetite under control for the balance of the day, but mostly, I just find I feel really good from the shake.

The 10-12 grams of protein in the shake (depending on scoop level) are exactly what my body wants first thing in the morning.

I also occasionally will have a shake for lunch or dinner if I am pressed for time, and don't have time for a decent meal – because it is an actual meal replacement smoothie – Nufinna both satisfies and nourishes me.

I can add whatever I like to enhance the value or flavor, but my favorite is just with my supplement crystals and good clean water.

Try It For Yourself, Risk-Free!

Visi Nufinna is a great protein shake for recreational runners. Click to order risk-free!

That's right. Click here to order Nufinna, and if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return it for a full refund.

But I know you're going to love it as much as I do! See you on the road.

Bonita Amos

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