Recreational Running, For Fun and Health!

Do you enjoy recreational running as much as I do? If not, you soon will!

It's my intention to get you excited about the numerous benefits of running.

Whether you're a first-time runner or somebody who's experienced, but let the habit slip, will inspire you to make this healthy habit part of your life.

Time to get into the habit of running for fun and health!

Important! Sense of Humor Required

Some running websites take themselves waaaaay too seriously. I know, because I've been there, checked them out, and hit the BACK button.

You won't find any pious, preachy articles here. Everything on my website is designed to make running more fun.

Forget "no pain no gain," pushing yourself to the limit and all that rot. We're here to improve your health, but not at the expense of enjoying life.

I make running a priority (read my story here), but not so much so that I'll push through an injury, skip important family time because "I have to run now," or not take downtime when I feel like it.

I run for FUN. Serious fun. So should you.

Take Baby Steps to Better Health

Don't let the weather be your excuse for not running. Get into the gym and onto the treadmill!

If you're a first-timer at recreational running, then check out this series of articles on running for beginners.

We'll get you started in no time at all – and keep you going, just when traditionally you would have been ready to quit!

Diet is a huge consideration for improving your health. This website is not going to start advising you to drop 50 pounds by eating carrots and spinach.

However, you can become a more efficient runner using the best protein products – and I've pretty much tried every single one on the market. Find out what I use to keep my body functioning at its best.

Putting your best foot forward means choosing suitable running shoes. No matter whether you stick to sprint workouts or are training for a marathon, you're going to need help picking the best pair for you.

Start here. I'll do my best to help – and flat-footed runners really need it!

Share Your Running Tips

Every runner I've ever met is quick to offer their 'secret sauce' – the one idea or tidbit that will help their friends to become better recreational runners.

I'm going to share all of mine, so why not share yours too? Use this simple form to send in your best running tip. I'll publish your advice as a page which other people can learn from.

Click here to share your running tips

Come on, don't be shy! An army of other runners is waiting to hear your wisdom.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

So what are you waiting for? Get started on the road to better health today. I'll be delighted to guide you.

If you have any questions about recreational running, or comments for me about the website, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

See you on the road,

Bonita Amos
Editor, Run to Be Healthy